New Year, New You, New Road Hotel

Well after a great festive break and consuming our body weight in chocolate, the time has come to kick ourselves up the backside to a better, fitter and healthier crew.

However, January is the month where everyone is broke before 10th January and there is a long wait to payday........................... so we will not be signing up to any expensive gym memberships, as we know there are lots to do within the local area for FREE that will help us drop the pounds and take the inches off our love handles and muffin tops!

The New Road Crew love to get outside and have fun whilst trying to improve our health and lifestyle, some of our crew have already signed up to participate in the fantastic free exercise classes at many of the neighbouring parks. 

Choose from Box Fit to Boot Camp or Abs, Tums & Bums to Outdoor Yoga – this class also releases more endorphins and reduces stress. The nearest parks to New Road Hotel are:

Stepney Green Park, Mile End, Meath Gardens and London Fields. Visit to book – we look forward to seeing you there.

For those of you, who like myself would prefer not to take part in a group activity and not be embarrassed by the red faced sweaty mess you become after 10 mins of physical exercise, there are some more leisurely activities that can be done in your own time and at your own pace.

Hop on a Boris Bike – we have a Santander bike rank just yards from New Road Hotel, some of our crew have taken up cycling to work instead of using the tube (we will see how long that lasts, especially when it's raining!!). Weekends are great for getting on a bike with friends and family and also a fantastic way to view some of the sights. You can also use a scooter on a cycle path – we have our very own New Road Hotel Scooter for hotel guests to use, he is fondly named Mike the Micro Scooter.

Did you know there is a cycling map, which actually looks like a tube map?

If the whole 2 wheeled thing is not for you, it's not really my cup of tea either, then another great way to get fitter is to use your two feet....................... Again why not explore our local area or perhaps an area of London you are not familiar with, you get to see far more on 2 feet than if you were sat in a cab or tube.

Visit the TfL website for some great walking routes, don't be put off when it says it's 78 miles!!! I nearly fell on the floor at the thought, but each route is broken down into much smaller and manageable routes. Download the route and it gives you very concise directions and also a little bit of history whilst pointing out points of interest along the way –so it's both educational and good for you :)

On the subject of things being good for you – the NRH Crew have attempted to try Veganuary for the month. Anyone else joining us?

We were amazed by the foods that we eat in everyday life are already vegan friendly – I bet there are some here that will surprise you.....................

Baked Beans, Peanut Butter, Tomato Ketchup, Hummus, Porridge, Crumpets AND EVEN Oreos, Pringles, Skittles & Bourbon Biscuits – well I never!

There are many health benefits to converting to a vegan diet, visit the Veganuary website to find out further details and get their starter kit. Good luck to those attempting, if you need some moral support there are several vegan social media groups in London:

London Young Vegan/Vegetarian Social Club



London Vegan MeetUp



London Vegans




London Vegan Mums




London Vegan & Veg Family Group



Here's to a happy, healthy New Year with best wishes from the New Road Hotel Crew.

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