Communal Spaces

Welcome to our ultimate social zone! We are excited to offer you a fun-filled space where you can relax, unwind, and socialize with friends and family.

At New Road Hotel, we recognize that our guests value a harmonious work-play balance, and we strive to provide a seamless integration of both. With our prime location and great connections, our guests can easily explore and experience all that the vibrant surroundings have to offer.

We invite you to indulge in complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate available on every floor, and unwind with colleagues or simply take a moment to relax in one of our cosy communal areas. Each floor of our hotel boasts a unique social area designed for guests to enjoy including:

At New Road Hotel, we go above and beyond to make sure that our guests feel pampered and well taken care of. Come and experience the ultimate fusion of work and play with us today.

1st Floor - Game Room

For those who love a good game of pool, our tables are waiting for you. Whether you're a pro or just starting out, our pool tables are perfect for a friendly game or a competitive match.

And if pool isn't your thing, we've got a wide selection of retro arcade games that will take you back in time. You can challenge your friends to a game or two, or simply enjoy a solo gaming session.

When you need to take a break from gaming and pool, our snack station has got you covered. We offer a variety of delicious snacks and refreshing drinks to keep you fueled up and ready to go. We've got everything you need to keep your energy levels up and your taste buds happy.

Our social zone is the perfect place to hang out with friends, host a party, or simply enjoy a fun-filled day out. With pool, arcade games, and a snack station all in one place, there's never a dull moment at our social zone. Come on in and join the fun!

2nd Floor - Library

Explore our library, the best space for book lovers and those seeking a quiet place to work or study. The cozy atmosphere invites you to curl up with a good book or delve into your studies. Whether you want to lose yourself in a great story or catch up on some work, our library is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Whether you're looking to power through your to-do list or tackle a challenging project, our relaxing areas are the perfect place to focus and get things done. Enjoy a good read in a peaceful and serene setting, ideal for catching up with some work on your laptop or preparing for a meeting the next day.

3rd Floor - Ironing Station

At our hotel, we understand that looking sharp is an important part of feeling your best, whether you're here for business or pleasure. That's why we offer a convenient ironing station, available for our guests to use whenever they need it. Equipped with a high-quality iron and ironing board, our station provides a quick and easy way to press your clothes and look your best. Whether you need to smooth out a few wrinkles before an important meeting or freshen up your outfit before a night out, our ironing station has you covered. So go ahead and pack with confidence, knowing that our ironing station is here to help you look your best, no matter what.


Escape the stress and find inner peace on our stunning yoga terrace. With a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, you'll be able to connect with nature as you deepen your yoga practice. Our experienced instructors will guide you through invigorating classes suitable for all levels, ensuring that you leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Looking to break a sweat and get your heart pumping? Our certified trainers will provide personalized attention and support to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a fitness enthusiast, our yoga terrace and fitness area offer a perfect blend of relaxation and invigoration. Join us today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and physical transformation!


Nazia Khatun, an award winning fitness specialist is available to keep you staying at your best no matter how busy you are during your stay with us.

Nazia has been recognised for her innovative approach to fitness where she teaches people to fall in love with their bodies. She creates a tailor planned workout for you but most importantly she works with you to recreate habits and patterns with your self image.
With a boxing background and intense experience of coaching, Nazia is dedicated to help and reach your fitness goals. Through motivation, nurturing, training, coaching and a bespoke nutritional consultation she will assist you to find your full potential.

Both residents and non residents of the hotel can book Nazia. To book, drop her an email.

What makes her different from a PT and gets her outstanding results are:

  • Evaluation of personal self image congruency
  • Evaluation study of Axiology, determining highest values
  • Asessment –Dr De-martinis system
  • Assessment of lifestyle
  • Challenging the inner chimp
  • Goal setting and how to achieve them step by step
  • Athlete performance visualisation coach
  • Resetting your body's sleep pattern
  • Resetting your body's metabolism
  • Nutrition and supplement expert for individual body types
  • Reduce stress to reduce fat
  • You get two transformations: The Body and The Mind

Follow Nazia on Instagram @fitnessrebornuk1

Tor started doing yoga regularly in the late 90s and her love for it just keeps on growing. She’s tried (and trained in) many different styles, and particularly loves the fluid movement and flow of Vinyasa, linking breath and movement.

A 500-Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher, Tor has additional advanced training in Mandala Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Cancer, Pregnancy Yoga (and integration of pre & post-natal students into any yoga class), meditation & mindfulness, physical adjustments & assists, anatomy and supporting injured students.

You can expect clear cues, individual alignment and the ability to practice in a way that suits you. Come and move your body, find your flow and then stretch it out before enjoying a well-deserved savasana. Tor has been living in the area since 2007 and is always happy to have a chat before or after class about local recommendations and things to do nearby.


Saturday morning yoga class

Join Tor at 10.15am for an hour of yoga to get your weekend off to a great start!

This practice is accessible to everyone - so whether it’s your first time on a yoga mat, or you have life-long practice, you are welcome to come and enjoy some yoga. Variations will be offered so that you can make the practice your own, with some optional added extras if you’re after more of a challenge.

Mats and props are provided, you just need to bring yourself.

Both residents and non-residents can book yoga with Tor, find her on Instagram @torpark and send her a message if you would like to find out more, or have any questions.

In case of bad weather, yoga will be in the ground floor meeting room instead of the Roof.

Please email Tor if you're looking to book a private yoga session.

Book your space

BoxMind has developed a concept to teach you how to develop life skills through sports. Based on teaching the real techniques, discipline and mindset of a professional athlete, the BoxMind concept is a unique workout designed to teach you how to train like a champion.

Workout your body: BoxMind guarantees to teach the proper full-body workout and mental journey of a professional athlete by coaching the real techniques and mindset of a champion.

Workout your mind: Based on sports science, our classes bring awareness on the mental benefits of sport and how exercising help in day-to-day life, increasing productivity, self-awareness and self-motivation. 

Choose from our BoxMind classes - a great fit for all skill levels and all equipment provided.


  • BoxMind Pro: 60 min boxing class to learn about the mental side of boxing, have a full-body workout and be trained with the REAL boxing techniques and practice.
  • BoxMind Kickboxing: 60 min workout mixing kickboxing techniques with athletic combinations to work on coordination and perseverance.
  • BoxMind Shadow: 60 min cardio-forward boxing workout to get the proper professional boxing preparation before a fight.


  • BoxMind Barre: 60 min workout mixing ballet, yoga techniques and floor exercises designed to sculpt your body and mind.
  • BoxMind Pilates: 60 min innovative mind-body workout evolved from the principles of Pilates to gain strength and flexibility.
  • BoxMind Yoga: 60 min workout designed to teach you key Yoga postures and breathing techniques to help you find your mind-body connection.

To book a personal or small group class with one of the BoxMind qualified trainers, please contact New Road Hotel’s reception.  Visit their website to learn more about BoxMind and their range of classes.

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