The Roof

Located on the roof – we offer a truly unique fitness area that allows you to experience the outdoors whilst taking part in a class that is normally indoors.

The roof can be booked by instructors wanting to hold classes for yoga, Tai chi, pilates and much more. Please ask for further details.

Fitness on the Roof with Nazia

Nazia Khatun, an award winning fitness specialist is available to keep you staying at your best no matter how busy you are during your stay with us.

Nazia has been recognised for her innovative approach to fitness where she teaches people to fall in love with their bodies. She creates a tailor planned workout for you but most importantly she works with you to recreate habits and patterns with your self image.
With a boxing background and intense experience of coaching, Nazia is dedicated to help and reach your fitness goals. Through motivation, nurturing, training, coaching and a bespoke nutritional consultation she will assist you to find your full potential.

Both residents and non residents of the hotel can book Nazia.
To book, drop her an email at

What makes her different from a PT and gets her outstanding results are:

  • Evaluation of personal self image congruency
  • Evaluation study of Axiology, determining highest values
  • Asessment –Dr De-martinis system
  • Assessment of lifestyle
  • Challenging the inner chimp
  • Goal setting and how to achieve them step by step
  • Athlete performance visualisation coach
  • Resetting your body's sleep pattern
  • Resetting your body's metabolism
  • Nutrition and supplement expert for individual body types
  • Reduce stress to reduce fat
  • You get two transformations: The Body and The Mind

Follow Nazia on Instagram @fitnessrebornuk1

Yoga on the Roof with Anouska

Anouska Shenn 
was first introduced to yoga by her mother in the mid-'90s and has been practising regularly since her teens. Amazed by the healing effect it had on her mind and body, her mission is to share the practice that transformed her life. Trained in Power Yoga (RYT® 200), her flowing sequences are physically challenging and strongly linked to the breath, emphasising alignment and mind-body connection.

Private classes are tailored around anything that you'd like to work on and around any injuries that you're working with. Whether your goal is to attain inner peace or abs of steel, the class will be devised specifically to support your intention and help you get the most out of your practice. No experience is necessary and all equipment will be provided.
To make an appointment book here.

Personal and Small Group Training with BoxMind

BoxMind has developed a concept to teach you how to develop life skills through sports. Based on teaching the real techniques, discipline and mindset of a professional athlete, the BoxMind concept is a unique workout designed to teach you how to train like a champion.

Workout your body: BoxMind guarantees to teach the proper full-body workout and mental journey of a professional athlete by coaching the real techniques and mindset of a champion.

Workout your mind: Based on sports science, our classes bring awareness on the mental benefits of sport and how exercising help in day-to-day life, increasing productivity, self-awareness and self-motivation. To book a 1-to-1, 1-to-2 or 1-to-3 with one of the BoxMind qualified trainers, please contact New Road Hotel’s reception.

Choose from our BoxMind classes - a great fit for all skill levels and all equipment provided.

● BoxMind Pro: 60 min boxing class to learn about the mental side of boxing, have a full-body workout and be trained with the REAL boxing techniques and practice.
● BoxMind Kickboxing: 60 min workout mixing kickboxing techniques with athletic combinations to work on coordination and perseverance.
● BoxMind Shadow: 60 min cardio-forward boxing workout to get the proper professional boxing preparation before a fight.

● BoxMind Barre: 60 min workout mixing ballet, yoga techniques and floor exercises designed to sculpt your body and mind.
● BoxMind Pilates: 60 min innovative mind-body workout evolved from the principles of Pilates to gain strength and flexibility.
● BoxMind Yoga: 60 min workout designed to teach you key Yoga postures and breathing techniques to help you find your mind-body connection.

Want to learn more about BoxMind and their range of classes? Make sure to have a look at their website -

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